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Ana Sayfa: Hoş Geldiniz
Community of innovators dedicated to understanding
pressing issues and developing real solutions.

Our Mission

To catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship to address the most pressing challenges in our region.

What We Do?

AGRE Innovate is an innovation platform that brings together key stakeholders to enable and accelerate the development of scalable solutions.

We believe that innovation is crucial for solving the most challenging problems of our time. Our mission is to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in high-need areas such as food, agriculture, water, and clean energy, in order to build a brighter future for our region.

We Bring Together...

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Anadolu Efes
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How Do We Catalyze Innovation?

Innovation Programs

We design sector-based innovation programs for equipping and inspiring high-potential talents for entrepreneurial action.

Participants are developing their business ideas and building their skills with learning sessions that provide industry knowledge and insights.

Ecosystem Development

We create one meeting place to see what is happening across Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Turkey and the world. Developing and strengthening ecosystems by attracting young talents, leaders, innovators, accelerators, researchers, corporates and investors to one location for collaboration

Industry Based Events

We bring together entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, and support organizations to discuss the latest industry trends and facilitate meaningful discussions and introductions across verticals such as Agri-Food Tech, Water Tech, Clean Energy, Sustainable Mobility, Circular Economy, Ed-Tech and

Social Impact




Our Focus Areas

We facilitate innovative solutions that will strengthen food security, green and digital transitions,

to contribute to the sustainable development of the economy of our region.

Green Transition

We perseive the green transition as both a necessity and an opportunity for our country and region to secure energy and food resources, driving sustainable economic growth. We are dedicated to fully understanding its complexities, identifying barriers, and fostering innovation to accelerate this transition

Harvesting Wheat

Agriculture & Food Security

We are dedicated to deeply understanding the underlying causes of inefficiencies in agriculture. Through accelerating innovation, we aim to foster the development of more sustainable food systems that not only address current challenges but also pave the way for a resilient and nourishing future.

Digital Transition

The digital transition holds the potential for positive impact when wielded responsibly. If you're interested in directing technologies such as blockchain machine learning and the Internet of Things towards benefiting both society and the planet, AGRE is the community for you.

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