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Ankara Community Gathering

Project type

Community Gathering


October 2023




Half day

Number of Participants


As the Arkhe Innovate Ankara Community, we invite you to our first meetup! 🌱🌎
We'll meet at Firuze Kahve, located at the entrance of A4 at 100th Year - METU, on Saturday, October 29th, at 3:00 pm 🙌

As the Arkhé Innovate community grows day by day, our belief that the path to tangible and scalable solutions passes through meaningful gatherings also increases.
If you are curious about impact-driven initiatives in response to the world's growing major problems, and want to work in this field and explore potential career opportunities, we are waiting for you at the Arkhe Innovate Ankara Community meetup 🌱☀️
At this meetup in the heart of Ankara, where we will discuss impact-driven work, we would like to see you among us if you want to reach connections with similar motivations, take steps to mature your projects, or discover your starting point!

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