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Food & Agri Entrepreneurship

Project Type

Innovation Program


May 2021




5 Days

Number of Participants



Olcay Silahlı - Fazla Gıda
Zeynep Cansu Öner - MEXT Technology Center
Kerem Erikçi -
Seçkin Arıkan - Oleatex
Duygu Yılmaz - Biolive
Berkan Özyer - istanbul Planning Agency

By the year 2050, the world population is expected to reach 10 billion and approximately two-thirds of the population is expected to live in cities. The growing demand for food is continuing to destroy valuable ecosystems through industrial agriculture and triggering the climate crisis, leading to further inefficiency in agricultural activities and food production.

In addition to the risks created by this cycle in our country, the burden of the structural problems that have been going on in agriculture and food for many years has reached dangerous levels. As a result, the increasing need for alternative solutions and innovative approaches has led to the rapid development and importance of "impact-focused entrepreneurship" in agriculture and food.

So, what is the situation of agriculture and food entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey? What kind of solutions are successful and impact-focused ventures developing for which problems? What opportunities are available for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs? What steps should be taken to implement projects in the idea stage?

In this program, where the issues will be thoroughly discussed, solution-oriented new ideas will be generated, and multi-stakeholder collaborations will take their first steps, the general topics to be addressed are as follows:

- The impact of Covid-19 and the climate crisis on agricultural activities and food production
- The importance and future of food and agriculture entrepreneurship
- Rapidly developing new trends such as AgriTech, FoodTech, vertical farming, alternative proteins, and alternative materials
- Circular economy and System Thinking
- Business development with design thinking in food and agriculture
- Access to finance in agriculture and food entrepreneurship

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