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GreenTech Entrepreneurship Program

Project Type

Innovation Program


August 2021


Şirince Arkhe Campus


5 Days

Number of Participants



Osman Baytaroğlu - Innomotive / Agrovisio / Agrocasco
Umutcan Duman - Evreka
Ali Rıza Ersoy - ION Village
Selin Arslanhan - ReDis
Seçkin Arıkan - Oleatex
Duygu Yılmaz - Biolive

In our age, the rapid increase in demand for consumption and the impact of excessive resource use have caused irreversible damage to ecosystems, transforming it into a global issue that threatens not only the environment but also human life. In terms of the continuity of economic and social development, it becomes necessary to abandon traditional production methods that entail high environmental damages and uncontrolled resource use.

In the 21st century, the development and popularization of clean and efficient production methods seem to be a common goal adopted by the entire world in the name of sustainable development. In line with this goal, there is a rapid increase in investments in green technologies worldwide, while sanctions applied to high environmental impact production methods continue to become more widespread and severe. This transformation in production systems is expected to create a new opportunity area for our country, which has high potential in terms of renewable resources, in terms of economic development and global competitiveness.

In recent times, with the increasing awareness and support, the number of successful initiatives developing environmentally friendly technological solutions in areas such as energy efficiency, waste management, transportation, food production, and water efficiency is rapidly increasing.

So, what are the common points of green technology initiatives that provide solutions to a wide range of industrial problems? What are the dimensions of the damages caused by traditional production methods in Turkey? What opportunities and incentives are available in the field of green technology entrepreneurship? What steps should be taken for idea-stage projects in this field to come to life?

The general topics to be discussed in this program, which will delve deeply into the problems, give birth to solution-focused new ideas, and initiate multi-stakeholder collaborations, are as follows:

- Green agreement, transforming production systems in Turkey and around the world
- Low carbon use, energy efficiency, and savings
- The importance and future of green technology entrepreneurship
- Circular economy and systems thinking
- Business development with design-focused thinking
- Access to financing in green technology entrepreneurship

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