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Smart and Sustainable Cities İstanbul

Project Type

Startup Ecosystem Gathering


July 2022




Aleyna Aydın - Laska
Burcu Özdemir - İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Barış Can Üstündağ - Airqoon
Nilüfer Aktaş - ImpactMaze
Selim Yüksel - Akbank Lab Innovation Center
Kürşad Arman - VenueX
Lale Şahin - Vestel Ventures


Half Day

Number of Participants


Today, half of the world's population lives in cities. We see firsthand how urbanization is accelerating in developing countries in proportion to economic development, and we experience the consequences together.

Cities being the source of 70% of total carbon emissions in the world, the environmental impacts they bring, and the increasingly concrete results of the climate crisis in recent years, direct us to think about the sustainability of urban life.

Within the scope of these agendas, we frequently ask questions such as, 'How will the future of big cities in our country be shaped? What awaits us in the near future? How should we proceed for more positive scenarios?

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