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Müge Baltacı



İstanbul, Turkey

What do you do for work?

I am a graduate of Istanbul Technical University's environmental engineering program. In the course of my profession, while working on waste management, I have not seen a prioritization of electronic waste management anywhere. Today, we continue our efforts to maximize the benefits from electronic waste, which can be a new raw material when properly managed and a potential environmental pollutant when mismanaged. Through the Mol-e platform, we not only facilitate the monitoring of recycling processes and optimize waste management but also ensure control over e-waste under a single roof. In this way, I believe that the Mol-e platform will contribute to the widespread adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and the development of sustainable waste management models.

What is your source of inspiration?

I try to create my own path in life by adopting the ideologies of nature and the women I see as role models.

What are 5 things that make you happy?

Spending time with my dog and friends, playing board games, meeting new people, discussing and generating ideas, feeling useful

What in your life has changed since meeting Arkhe Innovate?

Arkhe became a mirror to my life. While it serves as a diary to share and make sense of my past experiences, I can prepare myself for new journeys by listening to the stories of the founders of startups at different stages.

The first 3 things that come to your mind about Arkhe Innovate:

Sustainable, thoughtful, respectful

Müge Baltacı
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